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A Farewell Trip

A Farewell Trip is a literature exhibition that traces a personal historical memory before the Covid-19 epidemic, in the simplest way of recollecting “the travel souvenirs”. In 2019, two intimate friends from China mainland ran into the protest at Hong Kong, where they began to think and discuss about freedom, policies, and national and ethnical identity, and felt deeply about the boundaries between nations and ideologies. Then they separated and re-discussed them in the post epidemic era of 2021, when people are being accustomed to the obstacles to the real world while the virtual world seems to make up for people’s desire for communications. But in fact, the boundaries are more deepened. „A Farewell Trip“ tries to emphasise that the world of distance is the reality that each one of us is going to face in the future. Contrasting the distance we experienced in 2019, and the world with a sense of separation under the epidemic we are facing today, to unfold the idea of diversity of distance. It may be not only the wall between information, but also the gap between real and virtual worlds, or the isolation of geographical distance.

11.-17. OKT 16.00-23.00 (genaue Zeiten hier)

im Portier

Westanlage 53

About the artists

Wanru Xu & Ya Gao

Professional at walking along the cities. We cannot settle in a same place and hope to pick up interesting things every time when we go to streets. What we do is continue to find and pick up the „waste“ in the city, and then return the rags to the city. Let’s start a great event together, take down the texts on the other side of the world, and post them in next destination.