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Adam explores the porous boundaries between body/environment, humanity/monstrosity, and fantasy/reality through site-specific monster costumes. Equal parts puppet and prosthetic, these monsters impose new embodiments, movements, and identities on their wearers and bring uncanny encounters into everyday places.

Cryptozoology of a Mon(s)tre en Scène

17 OKT 12.00 | Theaterlabor, Bismarckstr. 24 A

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About the artist

Adam Mandelman

Photo (c) Natta Summerky

Adam Mandelman is a geographer, experience designer, and artist living in Amsterdam. He earned his PhD in geography in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied the history of people’s entanglements with nature through technology. As an experience designer, Adam centers his work around the politics of design, embodied interaction, and interactive spaces. His artistic practice lies at the intersection of costume design, fiber arts, puppetry, and movement with a focus on embodiment and monstrosity.