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Is the digital transition inclusive? Is the technology democratized enough to allow everyone to broadcast their story and their vision of the world?


In their lecture, filmmaker and journalist Rym Haddad and theatre director and cultural activist Cyrine Gannoun discuss the recent events of digitalization in art and theatre and their effects on cultural landscapes. As practitioners from Tunisia, they especially ask for solutions to ensure the future of a theatre which does not exclude, through its technical-technological performance, the countries that have very limited access to the necessary material resources.

And now WHAT end is near?

13 OKT 18.00 | Theaterlabor, Bismarckstr. 24 A

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About the artists

Rym Haddad & Cyrine Gannoun

Rym Haddad was born in 1990 in Tunis, after studying cinema and journalism, she directed 4 short films „Elle et moi“ which received the jury’s „coup de coeur“ award at the FIFAK, a documentary-drama on prostitution in Germany which was screened at the Munich Film Festival, her latest film is „bye bye childhood“ which won the cinéhaicku of the month of March in 2019 She collaborates with several media to highlight the Tunisian alternative culture and plans to shoot her next film in 2022 „God“ where she imagines the mutation of beliefs in 2050.

Cyrine Gannoun is a graduate of the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III in the Performing Arts Program. She is a cultural activist both in Tunisia and internationally. Cyrine has presented at several conferences and led multiple seminars on the development of cultural industries in post-revolution Tunisia, and other Arab countries. She works with international institutions
such as Cultural Resource (Almawred Al Thaqafy) on changing cultural policies in Tunis and the Arab world supporting larger government and corporate involvement in the arts. She also leads training programs in cultural management around the Arab world. She is also an actress, director and producer. Since 2015, she is the director of El Hamra Theatre and has directed „Behind the sun“ and „Pieces of women“ for the 2020/2021 season.