This workshop will be facilitated bilingually (English and German)

Access possible via a ramp. Bus stop in front of the venue. Barrier-free toilet is provided.

Filters change how one sees, feels, smells and tastes the world. In Felt Like A Filter we invite you to explore filters with various senses. Throughout this workshop, we will explore a selection of filters and filtering processes.

What does filtering feel like?
What do filters look like?
What does filtering sound like, to whom?
What invisible filters are there?
Can we filter tenderly?

The word Filter Filter originates from the textile felt. Feel - Felt - Felt. Definitions of the English term filter include the words reject, remove or suppress. or suppressThese terms make obvious: filtering is powerful.

In our first edition of the workshop Felt Like A Filter we want to start to question the active process of filtering. We are looking forward to dive together with you into the world of filters and to explore the risks and potentials.

Felt Like a Filter

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12 OKT 13.00 & 16.00 | Georg-Büchner-Saal, Bismarckstr. 37

This event will take place in presence. statt.

About the artists

Ronja Koch, Nele Oeser und Judith Hesselmann

Ronja, Judith and Nele have accidentally become a collective, howsoever one or the other has already secretly dreamed of it before. They know each other from their master program comparative dramaturgy in Frankfurt/M. and Brussels. Their favourite filters are trees, solar eclipse glasses and coffee filters. At the moment they are working with algae, membranes and sun cream. The workshop Felt Like A Filter is the first joint work of the collective.