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This Performance will take place in English.

Human Sound I

Project Human Sound originated from a thought that every human being can be identified and recognized sonically. Sound-oriented performance series on the audial and compositional side of humans reaches out into how we experience human existence, what bonds and separates humans, and how we can generalize and personalize sound. It crosses the topics of sensitivity, deep listening, empathy, communication, while almost screamingly asking – is there a soul in humans penetrating from every sound they make? Human Sound aims to combine performative and audial mediums to offer for the audience a possibility to listen and to better understand the music of their own bodies, thoughts, memories and therefore to enable deeper listening and understanding of one another. 


Human Sound performance is filled with thinking streams and feelings of a Taiwanese performer En Ping Yu and transformed into a polyphony of sounds by a Finnish sound artist Valtteri Alanen, creating an experience of different tracks playing from a layer of consciousness. The Human Sound project is a live audio (and performative), almost a concert/stand-up formant taking experience. 

15 OKT 18.00 | Theaterlabor, Bismarckstr. 24A

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A livestream of the event can be watched on our DISKURS35 Twitch-Account.

About the artists

Eglė Šimėnatė, En Ping Yu & Valtteri Alanen

Eglė Šimėnaitė – a Lithuanian creative director, performance artist, theatre and cinema actress, working in a wide field of artistic research and practice, often collaborating with other artists and creatives. Holding a BA in Theatre Studies, she has a colorful background of directing, performing on stage in both classical and contemporary theatre performances, assisting internationally. Eglė has been active in theatre and performance since 2015. Her experience in a creative field comes from working in a number of independent interdisciplinary projects as well as in movie sets. The source of inspiration for this flexible and talented artist is a need for diversity, passion for human senses, seeking to find the core of things. She is investigating humanity as species and the human traits we share – senses, empathy, curiosity, ability to care and connect.


于恩平 Yu En Ping is a Taiwanese artist, puppet-maker and performer from Taipei, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. She refines her craft by exploring different materials, her performances revolve around the use of the body and its interactions with puppets and objects. She works with theater groups and performing artists both locally and worldwide, and develops her solo career through independent projects.
She takes theatre as a place for dialogue (verbal, physical, mental), and focuses on facilitating, devising situations that allow exchange to happen.


Valtteri Alanen is a young multi-disciplinary performer, performance maker, sound-
designer and musician working from and between Prague, Czech Republic and Turku, Finland. He’s a formally trained puppeteer, actor since the age of seven, and an audio engineer by trade. Artistic influences central to him range from musique concrète to acoustic ecology, and from the dramas of Sofokles to the contemporary puppetry of Ishmael Falke. Valtteri is comfortable in working in a multitude of artistic contexts, and a variety of languages, including (in order of fluency) Finnish, English, Swedish and lately Czech. Most often you can find him working in Studio Alta, Prague, Tehdas Teatteri, Turku or studying for his MA in DAMU, the theatre faculty of the academy of performing arts, Prague.