Event in public space.

This Performance will take place in English.

With These Hands

What does it mean togetherness in the context of absence, separation or social distancing? What is the position of the other when he/she is gone?


In the present we are others to our past selves and we are always leaving a trace to reach us. All these forms of contact work at many levels of the human experience.


Touch and contact are astonishingly not the same, and in the middle the symbol of the hand appears to separate and to link. Hands are there to touch the other, especially when the other is not here anymore, when he/she just left, when we can only guess him/her.  

Is that the reason we take tools and leave marks on surfaces? What from the us do we want to leave for the other? what from the now do we want to take to the future? and what are our means? 

13, 14, 15 OKT 15.30-19.30

This event will take place in presence. statt.


You can book a time-slot for the one-to-one performance. gebucht werden.

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About the artists

Daniel Victoria & Marian Mancilla Perez (Mil Mesetas)

Daniel Victoria is an interdisciplinary scenic artist based in México. Most of his work has been produced in the context of the group Mil Mesetas, a creative space which combines performance, pedagogy and feminist activity.
The projects of this group try to activate an irruption on an on-going-real situation involving the many vectors that shape the identity of its members, such as theater and performance education in a context of violence (The in/constant Prince, 2012-2015), parenthood and gender roles inside the family (You are not here, 2016), and myth and legend as narratives that empower the feminist philosophy (Lilith or rebellion, 2014-2017).
Victoria is currently enrolled in the Master Degree in Directing of Devised and Object Theater of Prague´s DAMU.
The projects led by him had been shown in México, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.

Marian Mancilla. Mexico City, 1986. Mother, scenic artist and companion of child rearing processes. She has worked in a wide range of disciplines including theater, performance, dance, and visual arts. Currently he co-directs the stage group Mil Mesetas, with which she has developed an art-research project focused on the study of the scene and its powers to intersect seemingly distant areas. Her development as a director has gone hand in hand with her work as a performer, since in all her projects she is involved in generating an intersection in which identity is problematized with different fictional structures. She was a beneficiary of the FONCA Young Creators Program (2015-2016), where she developed the virtual tour entitled You are not here, which was selected to be published in the eighth volume of the Spanish magazine Efímera, for the month of November 2017, in the framework of the meeting Make us a world. Collective fictions, within which she also had a brief residency and public appearances at the Pradillo Theater in Madrid, Spain. Her work has been published in the books Tiempos de habitar. Scenic practices and public sphere (ed. Oscar Cornago and Sara Rodríguez Prieto, Madrid, 2018), and in Indisciplinary artistic
research. Methodologies in deconstruction and reconstruction (Natalia Calderon and Brenda J. Caro Cocotle, Mexico, 2020). Her latest writing and scene works have revolved around caring for life, accompanying pain and grief, and tracing routes of encounter between childhood and adulthood.