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Virtually Forgotten its an electroacoustic  and visual piece that reflects on memory in times of remote life exploring the depth of memory and loss. The pandemic has definitely changed us all in many ways, it has transformed our everyday life, our closeness to people and to our way of remembering. Technology has occupied such a big space in our lives, not only how we live, but how we remember. How do we get to places of our memory where virtuality doesn`t interact? How do we connect with different layers of memory and oblivion?  Could we try to erase their boundaries and try to expand them?


Virtually Forgotten

11 OKT 20.00 | Prototyp, Georg-Philipp-Gail-Str. 5

*** In der Veranstaltung wird Stroboskoplicht eingesetzt ***

Diese Veranstaltung findet in Präsenz statt.


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About the artist

Camila Nebbia

Camila Nebbia is a saxophone player, composer, improviser, multidisciplinary artist and activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina recently based in Lyon, France. Her artistic practice and work reflect the constant creation of new sounds and visual landscapes, exploring the relationship between different forms of composition, free improvisation, electronic music and mixed media where memory and identity are one of the main resonances of her work. Her visual work includes super 8 film, archives & digital video. Co-creator and curator of the collective interdisciplinary group and improvised series „La Jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado” and curator of the streaming concert series called „The warmth of proximity . Has released as a band leader “A veces la luz de lo que existe resplandece solamente a la distancia“ (Kuai 2017), „De este lado” (Club del disco 2019), Aura (ears&eyes records 2020),“Corre el río de la memoria” (ramble records 2021) and “Presencias” (Sound Holes 2021).