Horse of Travesti


Horse of Travesti is an invitation to a fertile ground for fiction as a practice to infect or blend with conventional narratives in order to breed futures-to-be-confirmed/demonstrated. It is a quest -from travesti senses for perception- for finding traces, dust off hidden messages and recover the testimony of a dissident cultural movement, practice and community inevitably present anywhere, but with particular ways in each place. The project points to a decolonial archaeological activity, since it won’t impose a new narrative neither use violence, even though it has the intention to question a fixed givenTruth –compact, narrow, impermeable, as in any other territory- about Giessen.

The aim of the project is plural: making evident how not only dissident communities can and need to reclaim the territories where they are present. It sets as well the perspective on the relationship of people, mainly children, in their city and makes visible how questioning a given Truth can allow other significance and meanings to arise, for space becoming an archive of the different presences wandering through it. In the middle of all the different interpretations coming from each person’s presence, a sense of meeting point and plural safe space blooms.

Do these spaces preexist the ones who need them and can awaken their potential as reclaimed for marginalized communities?
Are the ones possibly to be found exploring a determined territory, bring light for tracing unvisible communities and their tacit presence? Can kin travesti ancestors be found by their legitimate voluntary heirs?

17 OKT 12.00 | Theaterlabor, Bismarckstr. 24 A

This event will take place in presence. statt.


16 OCT 12.00

This event will take place in presence. statt.


The event is from now on also open for adults. For registering please write an email to 

Access on even ground. Bus stop in front of venue. Barrier-free toilet provided.

This Workshop will be facilitated in German language.

Horse of Travesti lädt zu 2-3 Treffen (jeweils 1,5 Std), die in einer abschließenden Workshopsitzung münden – mit Kindern aus Gießen und Umgebung. Gearbeitet wird von einem verspielten, flexiblen, aktions-basierten und Kreativität stimulierenden Ansatz aus, um Vorstellungen von Körperautonomie, (Selbst)Fürsorge, Gemeinschaft, sicheren Orten und Erkundung durch Selbstausdruck und Fiktion zu bestätigen.


The activities are based on queer, decolonial and feminist discourse and practice, and welcome 10-15 kids around the ages of 8 to 12. The kids can come from any group, spiritual belief, race and social environment, but the artist extends the invitation to migrant, racialized and/or queer children and will prioritize them for the inscription to be part of the sessions.


During the first sessions, the proposal will begin indoors, but slowly that will shift to public space. The process will be registered by the artist’s camera and, taking care of the children’s identity and under the caregiver’s consent, shared with public attending the festival Diskurs 35.

About the artist

Personaje Personaje

Personaje Personaje (1991) is a travesti psychologist, researcher, activist and performer born in Ecuador, currently living in the colonialist kingdom of Spain since 2015. Their path starts with psychology and psychoanalysis, goes through artistic mediation, develops in artistic research and is condensed in the travesti experience. Sexual dissidence, feminisms, migration processes, childhood, public space and the Body and it's aesthetic-dynamic extensions are frequently approached Personaje Personaje's work. 

Personaje Personaje ist auch ein Raum, in dem nicht-körperliche Energien durch einen organischen Körper kanalisiert werden, um sich in einer Dimension zu manifestieren, die deren Interaktion mit anderen körperbehafteten Entitäten ermöglicht. Diesen Energien einen Körper zu geben, ist das, was Personaje Personaje Transformismus nennt: eine handlungsorientierte Praxis, ermöglicht durch Travestie, eine symbolische Bewegung und eine Fiktion als zu verwirklichende/ aufzuzeigende/ zu erfüllende Realität.

Photo (c) Natalia Cornidella